Good Bye Buckets

Good Bye Buckets

How many times have you seen a product and thought to yourself, “Man, what a great idea.  Why didn’t I think of that?”  Yesterday, I had the good fortune to speak with Steve Windsor, creator of The Flipstool.  Long story short, Steve, saw a problem and created a solution.  During our conversation, Steve, shared with me that sometimes umpires might disallow having buckets on the playing field or create special ground rules if a bucket were hit.  Having been on the umpire side, I totally get it.  As much as umpires would like to be laid back and let everyone sit on buckets outside the dugout, they have to do a job and plan for the ‘What if’ moments.  That being said, Steve, created the Flip Stool so buckets can be a thing of the past.


Steve is no stranger to developing a product from scratch.  The Insider Bat is the first product Steve had success with as it helps create muscle memory by promoting use of the proper grip, hand placement and proper swing path before, during and after contact is made.  Needless to sa

King of the Hill Pitch Trainer

y, the guy is a serial entrepreneur and feels great value by bringing products to market that help to solve problems.


The Flip Stool will begin shipping in mid December to those that have helped to back their Indiegogo campaign.  Applying this technology on the diamond is a no brainer, however, Steve, is seeing numerous other applications to leverage the Flip Stool which is exciting.  Any area where a fold up seat could be leveraged is an ideal application for the Flip Stool.

Look for the Flip Stool at a ballpark, construction site, gym, etc., in the near future and you can say you heard about it first from The Travel Ball Dad!

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