Making a Kid’s Day

Making a Kid’s Day

Being able to connect good people is what I enjoy doing.  Whether it’s business or personal, being able to facilitate good people doing good things is fun for me and it’s even better if I’m able to do it with my kids and expose them to great experiences.

Yesterday was one of those days.  I’ve been fortunate to befriend a young man and his family over the last several months and it’s been cool getting to know them as well as my son having an opportunity to get to know them.    Keenan Briggs has had an exciting few months, however, he’s been doing amazing things for a lot longer than that.  He became known to the world after hitting a homerun in an all star game this past summer.  Now, homeruns in a Little League All Star Game happen all the time, what makes his so special?  Well, to answer that question, he did it with one arm.  Keenan was born without a left arm just below the elbow and as one might expect, he’s had to work a bit harder to overcome such a challenge.  Keenan’s positive attitude is contagious and although he only has one arm, that doesn’t stop him from being an exceptional athlete.  I can say this with confidence, he’s a great athlete, but an even better young man who has a loving family and coaches around him that provide an ecosystem of support.


Yesterday, Keenan had an opportunity to hang out with one of the top College Baseball programs in the country at the University of Louisville (click here to watch the video).  Head Coach Dan McDonnell and his staff invited Keenan up to hang out and practice with the team.  Everyone involved made Keenan feel welcomed and helped create an experience he’ll remember forever.  Seeing these top tier athletes go above and beyond was great to see first hand.  Keep it going gentlemen, your generosity will not be overlooked.  Thanks to all the cards that made this possible.


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