Should Dad’s be Allowed to Coach?

Should Dad’s be Allowed to Coach?

Chances are good in your son or daughter’s youth sport career, they will be coached by a parent of one of the other kids on the team. Are all parents objective and treat every kid the same? No. Do most parents try and treat every player the same? I believe the majority try. At the end of the day, there are volunteer needs that make it so that any parent without a felony are handed the keys to guide our young ones. Would it be great if all coaches had a professional background that could be shared with your kids? Heck yeah, but that’s not reality. Having limited budgets forces teams /leagues to do the best with what they have and usually that means parents stepping up to be the coaches we see every weekend.

This topic came to light recently after seeing Xan Barksdale’s facebook post. He was passionate about his stance and I felt it’d be great to share my thoughts in an interview with Xan. Click below to hear our thoughts on “Daddy Ball” along with Xan’s guidance around recruiting.

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