Virtual Reality provides a one way ticket to Anywhere, Any Pitcher, Any Defense

Virtual Reality provides a one way ticket to Anywhere, Any Pitcher, Any Defense

We are quickly approaching Virtual Reality becoming common place in many aspects of our lives.  Technology allows us to be places and share unique experiences simply by placing goggles on our head.  The applications for VR are endless, however, one area where applications are making a dramatic impact is the sports arena.  Companies such as Eon Sports are providing football & baseball products to help quarterbacks make better decisions and hitters to recognize pitch types.

The end game is creating an edge for athletes in an efficient and productive manner.  No longer do you need to have a pitcher throwing nasty breaking balls over and over again to gain the ability to recognize a particular pitch.  Nor, do you need to run plays over and over again to put your quarterback in game like situations so they can go through every receiver option.  Virtual Reality’s applications are only limited by our imaginations.

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There are also applications being created for training purposes that do not require Virtual Reality equipment like Seamtrak.  Seamtrak is a web application that can be viewed on any device that simulates what certain pitches look like to help train your eye.  This application, as well as VR, both have their attributes.  At the end of the day, if your ball player is leveraging either technology, there is nothing negative that might occur.  However, it’s always hard to replace actual live batting practice and/or scenarios on a football field.  Utilizing these technologies will go a long way and I look for them to continue to improve to help athletes gain a competitive advantage in their respective arenas.

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