Is Being Too Busy a Good Thing?

This morning I walked across a bridge that spans the Ohio River trying to soak up the beauty of a brisk fall morning and get some exercise while clearing my head. During my jaunt, I stopped to peek down at the calm water below and while leaning on the rail I felt the vibrations from the vehicles which literally made the bridge bounce and shake. It caught me off guard as I felt little, if any, of this while I was walking.

As the parent of athletes who seem to be on the go constantly, does this situation resemble our lives, too busy moving to notice the bridge bouncing up and down from the cars and trucks going to and fro? Is being too busy a good thing, reducing the clutter we might see if we stopped to peek over the bridge and watch the water? Or, do we need to be smart enough to intentionally stop and peek over the bridge so we might better understand what’s happening around us when life is hectic, which can be quite often, for families whose kids are involved with sports? I believe each family & person are different. Some may thrive on the activity and when downtime does occur, maybe that’s when trouble can occur or less than ideal things happen. Maybe you’re a family where an off weekend to recharge the batteries and self reflect is crucial to the successful ecosystem of your particular family. As long as we’re cognisant that the bridge could be bouncing and we can either stop to peek over the bridge OR keep walking, whichever best serves your family is the way to go in my opinion.

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