O’ Say Can You See…All the Good in the World

O’ Say Can You See…All the Good in the World

I’m going political and religious in this article, proceed with caution.


As I watched the beginning of a 13U soccer match this past weekend, I felt good when I saw both teams line up, put their hands over their hearts and stand at attention while our National Anthem squawked over the loud speakers.  Nobody was kneeling or sitting, just showing respect, preparing to leave it all on the field.  I couldn’t help but think back when I would hear the anthem while on the field in both my younger and older years.  Hearing the anthem before a game provided me an opportunity to focus and allowed me to say a quick prayer for everyone’s safety, a quick hello to those that aren’t with us today and a thank you to those that keep us safe.

I understand our country isn’t perfect nor will it ever be and I believe that’s by design.  If someone doesn’t
want to stand for the National Anthem, that’s their right, although I disagree, but it is their right to do so.  We’ll always have people in our lives doing things we don’t agree with.  Don’t let their actions impact your own beliefs and take away from what others

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have done for us.  Yes, things have been done in the past that need attention brought to it, however, if we keep living in the past, we’ll never get to the future.

In the Catholic Church, they have a moment where you wish those around you peace and shake their hands.  What if we used the National Anthem as an opportunity to wish peace to our neighbors?  There’ll always be those we don’t agree with, however, control what you can control and the rest will work itself out.

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