There’s no “I” in T-E-A-M…But there’s M-E.

There’s no “I” in T-E-A-M…But there’s M-E.

There are travel ball parents across the country that can be put into two categories.

  1. Those that wish the best for the entire team, even when their own child might not be having a terrific day.
  2. Those that only cheer for their kid and as long as they are doing well, that’s all that matters.
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To each his own.  Travel Ball does require tremendous time and financial investments, so i understand if someone might want their son/daughter to get a few more at bats or be the one on the mound more times than not.  What are you to do when faced with parent #2 if you’re parent #1?  Take the high road, continue to cheer for the entire team and don’t let #2 take away from your positive message.  If there are multiple #2’s on a team, sit back and enjoy the entertainment, because at some point, they’ll get into a “My kids better than your kid argument” that I’m sure will be quite entertaining.

If only #2 could understand that a player benefits most when the team is successful, not just their kid.  That may sound selfish if you’re the parent cheering on the entire team, however, if that’s the worst thing you ever do, it’ll be ok.

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