Show Me the NIL Money

Show Me the NIL Money

We are just over six months since NIL (Name, Image, & Likeness) became commonplace for student-athletes across the country. States, associations and governing bodies are figuring it out as they go as there are various scenarios to consider regarding legality with the law as we know it as well as rules set in place by high school and collegiate athletic associations. One thing is certain, opportunities are there for athletes to earn considerable amounts of money, especially at the power five conferences. But what about the other 95%? What about the high school athletes? There are athletes having success at those levels as well, however, it’s a bit more work, but success is being had nonetheless.

NIL is like the Wild West at this point, slowly but surely figuring itself out. One person with whom I’ve learned a tremendous amount of information in this space is Kristi Dosh. The content she creates through blogs, podcasts and various interviews provides an up-to-date look at the state of NIL. You can see her content by clicking here.

I’m extremely curious to see how the high school athlete scenario pans out. Kristi wrote a good piece on that space (click here) and from what it sounds like, very few states are allowing high school athletes an ability to be compensated for NIL, but the future may be filled with states changing their stance and allowing high school athletes a chance to earn revenue of which I believe is not a terrible thing. If an athlete can get compensated for their NIL, why not let them?

Each passing year will create more complexities and only time will tell how society will react. However, for now, organizations see value in being affiliated with student-athletes and as long as there is perceived value, NIL is not going away.

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