So Many Bats, So Little Time

So Many Bats, So Little Time

Doing research for an upcoming article for Baseball Youth magazine, I ran across another dad, Bryan Duryea, from Salt Lake City, Utah, who saw a need in the market to help parents & players have a better understanding of bat performance.  The premise was simple, provide information so consumers may make a more educated decision when selecting a baseball or softball bat.  The result was, the only independent site devoted to reviewing all bats without receiving compensation from the manufacturers.  Given the price points of today’s bats, this can be an expensive purchase and it’s comforting to know  there is a place to go so I can best understand if the $300-$500 stick really is that much better than the lesser expensive models.

Kudos to you, Bryan Duryea, for taking it upon yourself to provide knowledge to the masses so they might provide the best tools possible to their ballplayers.  If you’re in the process of purchasing a bat for a baseball OR softball player for the upcoming season or possibly a holiday gift, take a moment and check out the website OR the following click on the social channels (located below) for


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