Who Cares What Their Body Language Says, It’s All About the Results, Right?

Who Cares What Their Body Language Says, It’s All About the Results, Right?

We live in a society where accountability is precious and a virtue not possessed by everyone.  it is crucial for our kids to understand the importance of what their body language conveys.  Those who emit a positive body language will be surprised at the impact it has on those around them and ultimately themselves.

UConn Women’s Basketball Head Coach Geno Auriemma & Notre Dame Men’s Basketball Coach Mike Brey speak to what positive impacts good body language can have as well as the detrimental effects poor body language conveys.  Their message is one of concern and wanting to help individuals become the best people and teammates possible.

Geno Auriemma’s advice: Body language matters, on court and on bench

Mike Brey On How Coaches Can Correct Athletes’ Bad Body Language

“Negative body language is cancerous.”

-Notre Dame Basketball Head Coach Mike Brey

Whether we like it or not, our kids are impacted by the athletes they see on TV & Social Media.  It’s human nature to mimic those we hold in high regards.  Unfortunately, the million dollar athletes far too often display poor body language which ultimately gets emulated by our young athletes.  In an effort to combat the ME mentality (poor body language) and promote a TEAM mentality (positive body language), I believe ESPN Softball Commentator, Amanda Scarborough, provides a solution.  BE ACCOUNTABLE!  Taking responsibility of one’s actions helps to negate finger pointing and ultimately helps people to take responsibility for their actions.  Let’s help young people understand how their body language is perceived in hopes that informing can bring awareness and help them create a positive atmosphere.


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