Yes You Can

Yes You Can

Today I watched a story on a young man from Tennessee, Luke Terry, who plays baseball for Cornersville Middle School.  Luke is a catcher and bats third in the lineup.  He does this with only one arm.  Take a moment and watch him play and I’m hopeful it reminds us and our kids to be appreciative of what we have as well as inspiring us to enjoy the games we play with the tools we’ve been given.

Seeing Luke play at a high level with only one arm reminds me of others with similar challenges like Jim Abbot, former Major League Baseball pitcher & Katelyn Pavey, a talented softball player from Southern Indiana.   I can only imagine the pride that exudes from the parents of those children who face challenges similar to Luke, Katelyn & Jim.  The courage and mental fortitude to overcome adversity is a virtue held by few and I can only hope to one day, be as strong as these individuals.

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