College Recruiting Insight from Logan Stout

College Recruiting Insight from Logan Stout
Logan Stout shares insight on recruiting with

As a dad trying his best to understand the recruiting process and guide his son as best I can, I’ve quickly learned I need a lot of help. Like most travel ball parents of high school athletes, I’ve had to understand the ins and outs of twitter. For baseball especially, that seems to be the medium in which content is shared most between coaches and players as well as communication at times via DM (that’s direct messaging for those who aren’t social media savvy). As I was perusing twitter one day, I ran across a tweet that caught my eye which included a video from Logan Stout providing invaluable insight for players and parents on how to act and what to expect regarding the recruiting process (click here for the video).


Most parents who have kids with aspirations to play beyond high school will most likely only go through the recruiting process one time. How can someone be up to speed on something so foreign? It’s hard, which is why leveraging knowledge from people like Logan is crucial to help you and your child through the process. Best of luck during the process!

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