Remote Learning = More Training/Games?

Remote Learning = More Training/Games?

The spring semester of 2020 was met with a crash course on understanding the technological options available to teach from a far. Some schools were prepared, the majority were not and unfortunately, had to figure out as they went. Over the summer, plans were reviewed and improved and the remote learning processes and protocols have gotten better in my opinion. Now, are there districts and ages that are not delivering a product worthy of a gold star? Sure there are, but given the situation, we’ve had to do the best with what we have and not every district / family has the resources available to make every student’s experience stellar. This is a time in our life when things are being sacrificed so we may defeat a devastating virus that has crippled the world we know. But we persevere.

The return of sports has helped to bring some normalcy to an unnormal time. Pro, College and Youth sports are being played and allowing those involved to do what they love, get some exercise as well as human interaction that I believe is much needed at the youth and high school levels for development.

Has remote learning allowed youth athletes to play more games and/or train a bit more?

I believe the answer to the question is yes. Having the flexibility to listen/watch teachers through a tablet or laptop means you can attend class in the comfort of your bed, desk, a Starbucks in Florida or the passenger seat of a car while en route to a lesson or tournament. Yes, I am a believer our kids are not learning as much as they would IF they were physically in school five days a week, but drastic times call for drastic measures and I feel remote learning is a good thing, just not as good as being at school in person. For myself, working from home, I’m able to help my son and daughter take more hacks at home, travel to a tournament / showcase, and get them to a lesson that wasn’t possible in the past due to not being able to be mobile like we are today. Maybe it’s the age of my kids that helps me to have this perspective, if i had a five-year-old, maybe my tune would be different, but for now, I do see a silver lining amidst the blue glow of the computer.

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