My kid’s bat broke, what do I do now?

My kid’s bat broke, what do I do now?


I recently had to send a bat back to the manufacturer due to it being cracked.  This is not uncommon and most providers have warranties in place to make this process as painless as possible.  However, there are certain parameters that must be met to receive a replacement due to a bat cracking or breaking.  

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Below are the WARRANTY links to the most common providers.  If you’re exploring purchasing a new bat, sometimes the warranty behind the bat can be a deciding factor.  Educate yourself on the different options and intricacies before hand so there are no surprises if/when a bat malfunctions.  On occasion, a retailer may have their own warranty that goes above and beyond the manufacturer.  It’s always good to ask questions before you purchase, just so you are aware.




Louisville Slugger

Dirty South Bats



Bats are constructed nowadays to be thin and create a large sweet spot that springs the ball off the bat as fast as the rules will allow.  By having thin walled bats, they are apt to break from time to time, especially when it’s colder.  Be weary of the manufacturers unwillingness to replace bats broken in cold weather games, most of the time they have exceptions to the warranty based on the temperature.

Fingers crossed you don’t have a broken bat to deal with, but if you do, I’m hopeful these links help the process go a bit smoother.


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